A STep towards new European Learning: a digital and personalized approach

Project number 2017-1-FI01-KA116-034404


A step towards new European Learning: a digital and personalized approach. The ASTEL project will be a platform of exchange of good practices and information in VET obtained in Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands.

The new connected world affects VET in multiple ways. For example vocational skills have to be adaptable and at the centre of the global agenda. This new transnational partnership will answer to the EU context and needs of modernization and digitalization VET by collecting, analyzing and sharing best practices in five partner countries. The project will address the requirements of VET organizations and working life, teachers, instructors and students for more varied studying pathways.

Three general objectives of ASTEL are:

1. Implementation of digitalization and the information systems used in the education system

2. Flexible individual study pathways, teacher’s new role. Digital guidance and support services, including school`s admission procedures

3. Flexible and innovative study environments, work based learning.

In the new transnational network, project countries and organizations can learn from each other and develop their education and training through international experience. Cooperating with international partners, developing educational models and learning from good practices will result in getting closer to the innovative, modern and active schools we want to be. The benefit for VET organizations will be to be better prepared for the digital era we live in and to be able to offer students tailor-made, digitally based learning programs.