The main result of the ASTEL project will be a model to support schools in implementing inclusive education. Usually inclusive education or inclusion in education refers to the model where students with special needs are integrated in common learning groups. In the context of this project we expand the term so that in admission to a learning institution, the needs of each student are monitored individually so that the study path becomes inclusive.

Earlier students were admitted to study programs, courses and classes. Gradually today and in the future courses are designed according to the students’ needs, not only the ones with special needs. Study groups and classes are formed according to students’ selections. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the process from the point of view of a student, develop and produce material, practices and support to teachers in order to create genuinely inclusive ways of education.

The project will address the needs of both our teachers and students to get access to more varied and challenging educational programs. We hope to incorporate the rapidly growing influence of digitalization into our curricula, thus preparing our students for a world in which the use of digital technologies is constantly increasing.

1. On participants level impact is better knowledge of European processes, digitalization and the principle of flexible individual study pathways. The project will collect digital tools and train experts to use digital material whilst guiding students.

2. On the organizational level, the project enables more international relationships and possibilities for cooperation, to share new ideas and innovations in teaching and training.

The partner organizations intend to contribute to a quality foundation of skillful employees in the (Eu)region now and in the future. This implies that stakeholders such as training companies (internships) and companies employing our students will benefit from having highly skilled and digitally well-equipped interns and employees.

The overall impact of the project is to improve the education procedures, practices, methods and tools of the participating countries’ stakeholders in terms of the project results.